Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, October 14, 2010

6 Days Old! Tomorrow is one week already

It’s about time for an update, but who would have thought that triplets would take up so much time? We are truly blessed and we discover something special about each of them each day. The day of their birth all welcomed this world with a strong cry which was wonderful to hear. Noah was off of his nose canella by 8pm the night he was born.

Over the weekend they all did great and each day they get stronger. Saturday all were trying to nurse. Mom was glad to be able to hold them and Dad got to do a few bottle feeds as the weekend progressed. All three got their first little baths on Sunday. So far, bath time is not a fun time for them. I’m sure one day we won’t be able to get them out of the water!

To speed ahead, today Noah and Cora were taken off of the light for their jaundice. Mom and Dad are so glad because now we can hold them for a little longer. Evelynn should be off of her light by tomorrow. Possibly tomorrow, or in a day or two, Cora and Noah may be able to go into a crib instead of their isolates. They will then need to be able to regulate their own body temperature. Evelynn should be soon to follow as she needs one day after the lights to make sure her levels are still good.

Overall, we are truly blessed and each day they grow stronger. Evelynn is our little one that doesn’t want to miss out on anything and is ready for her feeding about twenty minutes before schedule. We will be so glad when she can take off her “sun tanning visor” and we can see her bright eyes more than just during a feeding. Noah is pretty relaxed and has a combination of all of their personalities. He is also very aware of his surroundings. Cora is very curious and also keeps her eyes wide open while she is experiencing something new. Cora is the smallest, but she is the mightiest and is progressing the fastest. All are easily comforted by Mom and Dad which makes us feel like we can handle this parenthood of multiples.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!

We were also able to put clothes on Noah and Cora today!  Evelynn wore a little headband two days ago and should be able to wear clothes tomorrow.


  1. They are so beautiful. Job well done! See you next week. Love, Nancy

  2. Glad things are progressing well, those little milestones seem like great leaps don't they. I remember keeping a calendar in kayla's NICU room to write down each day what she did/progressed. The IMMC did letters each week also as if Kayla was explaining her ups, downs, and progression, still have everyone of them. Keep up the strong work you 3 little one's. many thoughts and joy to you Mom and Dad!!! talk/see ya sometime soon?!?

  3. I love the headbands! Let me know if you need more or different colors! I loved making them for you.