Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, February 20, 2011

19 weeks

Evelynn, Noah, and Cora are 19 weeks old already!  We've got an efficient routine down now, for the most part.  We defiantly stay busy!  We had their 4 month check last week and they are all in the 25% for a 4 month old.  Evelynn weighed 12 lb 7 oz, Noah weighed 13 lb 7 oz, and Cora weighed 12 lb 2 oz. 

Noah and Evelynn have needed nebulizer treatments the past week but they are getting better.  They developed bronchiolitis but we were fortunately able to keep everyone home and on a way to feeling better.  Cora has had a bit of an upset tummy but she still smiles at almost everything.

Cora's our most easy going baby.  She loves to babble and smile from ear to ear.  Noah is most comforted by Mom. He loves to be talked to and look at himself in the mirror.  Evelynn loves to belly laugh. She is very tickelish on her tummy and aroud her neck. They all love to be read to, Cora especially.

We're getting ready for their next activity level of interest.  We just put a play mat area in the family room.  They're not rolling over yet but they like to stretch out and we wanted to have a baby safe area for them to explore tummy time and upcoming skills.  They're growing like crazy and we can't believe that they are so close to being 5 months old already. 

We might try making our own baby food today.  Evelynn and Noah tried some Gerber Organic sweet potatoes with rice cereal yesterday, only about 1 tablespoon.  They thought it was ok.  Evelynn gobbles up rice cereal but Noah gives us a look like we're crazy for tying to feed him something other than his bottle.  His new trick is to spit it back at us and smile.  He's got some distance already.  We're going to wait to try sweet potatoes with Cora until her tummy is 100%. 

We'll try to keep updates coming but this is the first time the computer has even been turned on in a while.  The babies keep us busy.  It's fun but everything happens so fast that if it wasn't for keeping notes or a blog we would forget so much.  Parents of multiples have said that the first year your life is in fast forward.  At this point we don't know if the fast forward button will ever let up so we are just trying to soak up as many experiences as we can.   

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