Our Family

Our Family

Monday, April 25, 2011

6 1/2 Months

By revisiting our blog we realized that it's been a long time since our last update!  Time goes by so quickly and we shock ourselves by looking back at pictures that are only a few months old.  Two weeks ago at the babies' 6 month check Noah weighed 16 pounds 12 oz, Evelynn weighed 15 pounds 8 oz, and Cora weighed 14 pounds even. 

We got a triplet jogging stroller a month or so ago and have used it on any warm day we've gotten so far.  Noah, Eveylnn, and Cora enjoy the stroller rides and after awhile they usually fall asleep.  We're preparing for Tulip Time in Pella for the baby parade in little Dutch outfits.  The weekend after that we will have the ChildServe Run/ Walk for the kids on May 14th.  Noah and Evelynn are very social.  Cora loves to look around and smile at everyone, as long as Mom or Dad are holding her or are very close by. 

Cora had her surgery two weeks ago on Wednesday, April 13th.  She was a tough little girl and after an hour and a half she was back with Mom and Dad and ready to go home.  The surgery went well and her chin is healing very nicely.  We felt bad because the next day Cora's two bottom teeth surfaced.  So much in two days.  She's our first to cut teeth and it didn't seem to set her back any.  She loves to chew on link toys and she's so focused on playing with toys and putting them in her mouth.

Cora has been blowing raspberries for a few weeks now.  Two days ago we had them in their highchairs eating sweet potatoes and all three of them began blowing raspberries with a mouthful of food.  They thought it was very funny.  We couldn't help but laugh because they all have great personalities, big smiles, and look so cute when they do it. 

We know we need to post pictures.  It's way past our bedtime now but if we have a baby-free moment tomorrow we will upload picture updates.

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